Looking For An Alternative to New Planner Recruiting?

By Ali Staton

Founder & Lead Recruiter 

Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC

On the Search for an Alternative to New Planner Recruiting

Are you a firm owner looking for an alternative to New Planner Recruiting? If so, Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC can help. With Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC, our full-cycle recruiting process provides the perfect solution for financial planning firm owners searching for financial planners to join their current firm. Whether you need top-notch talent or want to create a unique competitive edge in the financial planning profession, we can tailor our services to meet your needs. We are passionate about doing all we can to ensure that those utilizing our services receive nothing but exceptional results! Keep reading to see just what Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC has to offer for financial planning firms as the ultimate fantastic alternative to New Planner Recruiting solutions!


Introducing Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC – your go-to financial advisor recruiter alternative to New Planner Recruiting. 


We take pride in our full-cycle recruiting process, ensuring that you receive top-notch candidates every step of the way. Our hands-on approach to matching you with the right professional sets us apart. At Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC, we understand that each client has unique needs and goals. With that in mind, unlike our competitors- we prioritize our clients above all else, taking the time to listen to your needs and requirements before finding a financial advisor, lead planner, or new planner to deliver on those expectations. 


We take a hands-on approach when it comes to seeking out candidates. Our competitors tend to post a job, wait for job applications to be submitted, and filter through what is most likely an unqualified batch of candidates. Financial Planner Recruiting immediately goes out and finds the candidates that are qualified for the role, rather than wasting time waiting to filter through applications.


 We proactively pull right-fit candidates out of firms. Lastly, rather than focusing solely on new college grads and associate planner searches, we are experienced in finding everything from the associate to experienced planners. Trust us to find the right fit for you and your business.


The Benefits of Working with Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC 

In today’s ever-changing job market, finding the right candidate or first successful hire for a job may be out of your comfort zone and can be a daunting task. That’s why working with Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC, can make all the difference. With our efficient process, you can save valuable time and resources in your next hire. But efficiency isn’t the only benefit; Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC is also known for providing you with the best-qualified candidates, from CFP program students to Certified Financial Planners. You won’t have to worry about sifting through endless resumes, job postings, and job applications or interviewing unqualified candidates for job listings. 


Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC takes the time to understand your company’s needs and matches you with the best candidates with the necessary skills, experience, financial planning education, and solid understanding of the profession. Working with Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC, means that you can focus on what matters – growing your business for the long term. So why not experience the benefits for your firm in hiring a successful financial planner?


How Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC is Different from Other Financial Advisor Recruiters 

When finding a financial advisor recruiter, the process can often feel generic and impersonal. However, Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC stands out from the rest with our approach to building solid relationships, client check in’s, candidate screening, and ongoing support. Rather than simply matching a candidate to a financial advisor position and calling it a day, Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC takes the time to truly understand the client’s needs and desires. 


Financial Planner Recruiting’s thorough candidate screening process ensures that only the most qualified and compatible advisors are presented to clients. Once we introduce a financial planner looking for a new role, Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC continues to provide ongoing support and check in’s to ensure both the candidate and the client (you) are happy and successful throughout the process. This level of personalized care truly sets Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC apart from financial advisor recruiter competitors in the financial services industry.


Criteria for Successful Candidates at Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC 

At Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC, the key to finding successful candidates in financial planning is to select those who meet specific standards carefully. When evaluating new planners, we consider their industry experience, which helps us ensure they have the expertise necessary to succeed in their role. Of course, we also pay close attention to job specifications, ensuring each candidate has the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the particular position. 


But most important of all is finding the top talent job seekers who are a good cultural fit for a firm’s team. We look for individuals who share the firm’s values, work well with others, and are enthusiastic about contributing to the firm’s mission. By focusing on these criteria, we can find talented professionals committed to delivering the best possible results for clients.


The Advantages of Working with Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC

When finding the right financial planners for your firm, you want to ensure you work with a company that puts your needs first. That’s where Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC stands out from the competition. With a client-first mentality, we strive to provide top-notch support throughout the hiring process. We understand that finding the right fit is crucial, so we have a rigorous screening process only to deliver quality candidates that meet your specific criteria. Choosing Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC over other financial advisor recruiters means you can trust that you’re working with a team that genuinely cares about your success.


We are 100% committed to our business and the firm owners we proudly serve. At Financial Planner Recruiting, we don’t waste time trying to be an influencer or other surface-level content production. We are focused on helping you find top talent before your competition finds them. 


Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC is the best alternative to other recruiting firms. With Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC, you will benefit from their immense knowledge and resources to find the best-suited candidates for your firm. Not only that, but the criteria for successful candidates at Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC is more precise than other financial advisors recruiters – giving you exactly what you are looking for. Furthermore, you will experience personalized recruiting services tailored to your individual needs by working with Financial Planner Recruiting, LLC over advisor recruiters. 


At Finance Planner Recruiting, LLC, we understand the complexity of finding and recruiting knowledgeable financial advisors and make sure you get precisely what you need. So if you’re looking for an alternative recruiting firm that can find quality candidates in a timely manner, Financial Planner Recruiting is the way to go! Ready to take advantage of these great resources? Want to find the best financial advisor candidates for your firm? Reach out to Financial Planner Recruiting and start building your dream team today! 

Alexandra Staton "Ali"

Alexandra Staton "Ali"

Founder & Lead Recruiter

Meet  Ali Staton, who is on a mission to boost the financial planning industry by connecting top-notch talent with boutique firms. As a top financial advisor recruiter, she understands the unique needs of independent boutique wealth management firms.

Ali has many years of experience in the wealth management industry. Her husband is an owner of an independent RIA and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

When she's not busy working, Ali enjoys quality time with her husband, Cecil, their daughter, Olivia, and their adorable goldendoodle Ollie. She loves to cheer on the University of Georgia athletics. Go Dawgs! She also loves exploring new places and can often be found vacationing in Hilton Head.

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